18 Creative DIY Shoes Planter Ideas

18 Creative DIY Shoes Planter Ideas

You have so many old shoes, from shoes or any kind of footwear, they become the problem of clutter in your houses. Of course, they ruin the pristine image of your whole decor and setting. And you are finding solutions to deal with them. Don’ worry when you are in this place! Here you will find great ways to reuse them in usefulness instead of throwing them out. Spending your time checking 18 creative DIY shoe planter ideas with us.
18 Creative DIY Shoes Planter Ideas
Just go through these DIY planter ideas, and you would easily get that how you can turn your shoes, heels, sneakers, and long boots into some unusual and extraordinary flower, plant, and herb planters. They are one of the best ways to recycle your old shoes, and you can save a lot of money from the buying of planters and containers for planting purposes. These shoe planters would add many style statements to your garden decor and can be enhanced more with a little paint and button or beads work on them. Save and try them to make your own DIY artworks!

#1 Old PC Monitor Shoe Boot Sink Planters

#2 Planters Made Of Shoes and Bags

#3 Outdoor Shoes Planter

#4 Hanging Planters Made Of Shoes

#5 Red Shoes Planters

#6 Green Diva Mizar’s Fun Shoe Planter

#7 Strawberry Plant In Boots

#8 Natural Porch Decorating Boot Planters

#9 Old Shoes For Plant Containers

#10 Colorful Container Gardening

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