18 Creative Ideas To Make Your Own Shoe Rack

by Sasha Ridley

    Have you ever tried making your own shoe rack? They help with shoe storage and organization in your family. If you don’t find a suitable shoe rack for your house, just make one of your own. They may be less eye-catching than those sold at stores and malls but actually work and save you a lot of space. More importantly, these DIY shoe organizers are unique. They can just be found at your home.

    And here are 18 creative ideas to make your own shoe rack we would like to share today. These do not require many skills. If you get enough patience and creativity, you can definitely add these shoe racks to DIY projects. Their materials are quite easy to find, too. An old cabinet or ballet fence will work. Your efforts are worth when seeing them show off their functions in your house. Ready to give these a try?

    1. DIY Pallet Shoe Rack for Small Space

    2. Upcycled Reclaimed Wooden Shoe Racks

    3. DIY Shoe Cabinet

    4. PVC Pipe Shoe Racks

    5. Simple DIY Shoe Rack

    6. Stackable Bamboo Shoe Rack

    7. Sturdy Shoe Organizer

    8. Mudroom Bench with Shoe Storage

    9. DIY Wooden Crate Shoe Rack

    10. Shoe Storage with Double-Row Compartments

    11. Entryway Shoe Rack

    12. Cardboard DIY Shoe Rack

    13. Skateboard Shelf Shoe Racks

    14. Tension Rod Shoe Rack

    15. DIY Shoe Hangers

    16. Bench and Basket DIY Shoe Storage

    17. IKEA Magazine Shoe Rack

    18. DIY Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack

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