18 Creative Old Door Projects For Garden Decorations

18 Creative Old Door Projects For Garden Decorations

You have an old door, you don’t have any ideas to make with it yet, right? Look no further, you can complete a wide variety of projects that will enhance your backyard and garden. Check out our 18 old door outdoor decor ideas and find a few new ideas for your yard and garden.

They are so creative and beautiful for your garden, and they are created for your garden. From the simplest way such as let lean it against a fence or wall then hung planter for an extra touch of blooming freshness in the garden. Or you can create furniture like a hanging porch swing or a rustic dining table. Even If you have more, you can make them into privacy screens and building them into the garden fence itself. Whatever you choose, you’ll bring a sense of rustic charm to your outdoor spaces.

#1 Hang an Old Door on the Fence

#2 Build a Porch Swing with Old Doors

#3 Hanging Screen Door with Bountiful Planter

#4 Reclaimed Doors make the Garden Wall

#5 Old Door Outdoor Decor Idea with Chalkboard Signs

#6 Reused Windows and Doors make a Gate

#7 Repurposed Door makes a Beverage Station

#8 Hang Herb Pots in the Windows

#9 Old Door Hanging on the Fence

#10 Use Repurposed Doors for a Garden Nook

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