18 DIY Railing Planter Ideas For Your Balcony

by Marry Dell

    You have a large and sunny balcony but it seems to lack something that you are on track to finding. If you are reading this post today, our ideas might make you satisfy. That is DIY Railing Planter Ideas! They not only create more space but also provide visual interest to your own balcony garden. Because they are DIY ideas, so you can recycle old items around your house such as tin cans or other plastic containers, or even shoe organizers and gutters are all great used as unique railing planters too. In order to know how their attraction and beauty are, spending your time learning about them.
    18 DIY Railing Planter Ideas For Your Balcony
    A balcony is a quite precious outdoor living space for many people, especially for those who live as city dwellers. There you can read a good book, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and take a nap after a hard-working day. So, such a place like your balcony should be got a good decoration. You can cultivate some plants to turn your balcony into a peaceful and natural place to live. They will form a tiny garden that increases the charm of your balcony. If you are interested, try one now!

    #1 Railing Planters Boost the Curb Appeal

    #2 Pouch Railing Planter

    #3 The Charm of Railing Planters

    #4 Use Rain Gutters Instead of Window Boxes

    #5 Grow Herbs in Hanging Planters

    #6 Railing Planters Increase the Vertical Space

    #7 Balcony Railing Planters behind the Glass Walls

    #8 Colorful Planters Lined Up

    #9 Growing Succulents

    #10 Handbags and Grow Bags as Railing Planters

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