18 Fabulous Rain Chain Ideas To Add Charm In The Garden

by Marry Dell

    A rain chain will emit a wonderful sound, like that of a trickling fountain. So, instead of hearing pouring water when it rains, you also can hear the sound of trickling water, it is quite relaxing. If you really want to spruce up your outdoors before the rainy season gets here, these rain chain ideas today are for you. They are definitely going to help you create a more relaxing outdoor atmosphere and some of them are really easy to make at home. Check them out with us!
    18 Fabulous Rain Chain Ideas To Add Charm In The Garden
    They come in a wide variety of styles but all have the same practical benefits – help in managing water runoff, reduce soil erosion and water pollution. Additionally, rain chains offer the decorating purpose to enhance the appearance of your home. They can turn gutter system downspouts into beautiful, environmentally friendly features. For good reasons, they are perfect for the next project of your garden, right? Try once and see the fun they will bring.

    #1 Stone Rain Chain

    #2 Copper Tubing Rain Chain

    #3 Ombre Rain Chain

    #4 Recycled Spoon Rain Chain

    #5 Ceramic Rain Chain

    #6 Ring Rain Chain

    #7 Pine Cones

    #8 Stacked Metal Buckets

    #9 Lantern Rain Chain

    #10 Rain Chain with Copper Planters

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