18 Most Colorful Vegetables To Make Your Garden More Attractive

by Marry Dell

    Purple eggplant, purple kale, red okra, orange carrot, black radish, red corn, and more….these are not photoshop products, they are real vegetables and are ” bright candidates” that can be grown for your garden more colorful. A vegetable garden need not be boring, let’s spend your time growing them to adorn your lovely garden, they can be delicious.
    18 Most Colorful Vegetables To Make Your Garden More Attractive
    And here are the 18 Most Colorful Vegetables that will make your garden more attractive than ever. With these interesting ideas, your vegetable garden not only have a bumper crop of fresh vegetables but also adds color and beauty to your space. Check them out!

    #1 Eggplant

    The most common types of eggplants feature black or purple fruits, but if you look around, you can find more exotic cultivars bearing red, green, white or orange fruits. To top it all, they produce beautiful purple blooms that add contrast to the colors of the adjoining fruits and some extra spark to your dull garden bed.

    #2 Kale

    Kale has delicate green leaves and compact growth habit, is a great plant to end the vegetable season, especially when you select the purple-flushed or ruffled purple varieties. It’s believed that ornamental kale is purely decorative and has no health value whatsoever. However, it is edible but bitter in taste, so you are best off growing it alongside the traditional green variety.

    #3 Okra (Lady’s Finger)

    Even if okra isn’t quite your thing, you can always use it to decorate your garden. The ruby red ones such as ‘Red Burgundy’ develop stunning yellow hibiscus-like flowers and torpedo shaped fruits.

    #4 Beet

    Beet varieties, with their rich burgundy hue, paint a pretty picture. Candy-pink types and red varieties with golden roots are available too, though they come in a milder flavor. One particularly popular type is ‘Bull’s Blood’ that flaunts bold and fiery red foliage.

    #5 Carrot

    Bugs Bunny is one of the type of carrots and it has orange color. This starchy, crispy vegetable comes imbued in purple, yellow, red or white colors. You can add these jewel-like shades in your garden to enjoy them in your salad or carrot cake later. Stunning varieties include ‘White Satin’ and ‘Red Samurai.’

    #6 Pepper

    Count on peppers and chilies to liven up and spice up your garden and plate. Whether fiery hot or mildly sweet, red, orange, yellow or purple peppers are nutritious, flavorful and a staple of party food recipes.

    #7 Tomato

    A sprig of juicy red tomatoes embarks on the cheer and warmth of the summer season. Heirloom varieties are more appealing in the sense that they offer a rainbow of exotic colors, including the pink ‘Brandywine,’ orange ‘Tangella,’ lavender ‘Cherokee Purple’ and yellow ‘Lemon Boy.’ Yellow varieties have a unique taste and a lower acid level that makes it perfect for people with frequent tummy upsets. On the other hand, the purple ones come with a greater level of antioxidants.

    #8 Kohlrabi

    Kohlrabi is typically grown for its edible and nutritious bulb-like stems. White and purple varieties kohlrabi are most common, however, internally both of them are white. Few people know about ‘kohlibri,’ a variety favored for its deep purple veneer and velvety blue-green foliage.

    #9 Cabbage

    Cabbage doesn’t have to be green always. Transform your boring, bland garden bed by adding the gorgeous tones of flowering cabbage. While ornamental cabbage is edible, it has a slightly bitter taste unlike common ones and is mostly suitable for garnishing.

    #10 Sweet Potatoes

    If you believed that sweet potatoes came in just a single rose red color with pale orange flesh underneath, you are wrong. Common colors include red, blue, tan, orange or red; the flesh may range from white to orange and anywhere in between. And the best part is that all are equally nutritious and scrumptious.

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