18 Unique Flowers That Look Like Something Else

by Marry Dell

    Have you ever seen unique flowers that look like the face or a part of a human or animal yet? That sounds strange, right? But they exist in real life. And in this post today you will have a chance to see the most unique plants in the world that everyone will be amazed. Check them out with us to see how interesting they are.
    18 Unique Flowers That Look Like Something Else
    Nature has a lot of surprises, and you will be astonished to learn that there are many wonders in the plant world that can amaze you with their shapes and patterns. For example, the beautiful lips of a girl, or a baby in a cradle, the faces of monkeys, or little penguins, these images have in plants. If you love the natural world, these flowers are for you. Reading and see them.

    #1 Hot Lips ( Psychotria Elata)

    This tropical plant exhibits unique looking bracts that are bright red in color and resemble a pair of puckered human lips.

    #2 Swaddled Babies (Anguloa Uniflora)

    This plant is also known as tulip orchid, is stated by the outer of the plant before it flowers and opens up completely. It looks like mini babies swathed in a blanket inside the flower.

    #3 Monkey Orchids (Dracula Simia)

    This orchid is it looks like a monkey’s face. It also releases a strong orange-like fragrance in the atmosphere.

    #4 White Egret Orchid (Habenaria Radiate)

    Beautiful and delicate, this beautiful orchid has a spilling image of a flying egret, which is a pretty and elegant bird with white feathers and a long neck.

    #5 Bee Orchid (Ophrys Apifera)

    The flowers of Bee orchid are reminiscent of a bee. Its large lips look like the flying insect’s main body, and the two inner sepals resemble antennae.

    #6 Naked Man Orchid (Orchis Italica)

    The cluster of flowers of this orchid looks like small naked man figures. It also gives an impression of wearing a helmet that is formed from the petals and sepals.

    #7 Pansy (Viola tricolor var. Hortensis)

    Also known as violets, it is popular for the patterns on the petals in three different shades that look-like a face.

    #8 Dracula Flower (Dracula Benedictii)

    This plant gives an impression of a monkey’s face. It has thin and long leaves with small, dark flowers in deep red color that makes it look like it made of dried blood. It gives an impression of a monkey’s face.

    #9 Dancing Girls ( Impatiens Bequaertii)

    This plant looks like tiny girls wearing skirts with outstretched arms. The distinct-looking white or light pink flowers are long in shape.

    #10 Snapdragons (Antirrhinum)

    Its flowers resemble small dragons that open and close jaws when you gently squeeze the sides. The seed pods look like a small, brown, shrunk skull when the flower dies.

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