19 Adorable Teacup Planter Ideas That You Will Fall In Love With

by Sasha Ridley

    Are you looking for impressive indoor or outdoor container gardening ideas? Look no further! Here we have solutions for you. That is teacup! It sounds great, right? This is a collection of 19 adorable teacup planter ideas that you will fall in love with. The simple reason, most of them can be reused from old teacups and got new missions. Each has its own beauty, which means you will have different feelings in them. Learn about them with us!
    19 Adorable Teacup Planter Ideas That You Will Fall In Love With
    To have these ideas, you don’t have to spend a lot of effort because teacups are very easy to find and inexpensive. Simply stop by a secondhand store, flea market, or an antique store and find a teacup or two that appeal to you, or even, they are also available somewhere in the kitchen. And then pick out your succulents and a bit of potting soil and get to work! Let’s choose one make try! We hope you’ll enjoy each of these variations on the traditional teacup planter!

    #1 Succulent Teacup Fairy Garden

    #2 Teacup Water Garden

    #3 Teacup Fairy Garden

    #4 Succulent Teacup Planter

    #5 Fairy Teacup Garden

    #6 Teacup Herb Garden

    #7 Simple Teacup Garden Tutorial

    #8 Cute DIY Fabric Cup Succulent Planters

    #9 Teacup Planter Party Favors

    #10 DIY Teacup Sconce Planter

    #11 Moss Rose Teacup Planter

    #12 DIY Teacup Cactus Planter

    #13 Teacup Garden for Mother’s Day

    #14 DIY Teacup Garden Tutorial

    #15 DIY Geometric Teacup Planters

    #16 Old Teacups and Saucers Garden

    #17 Succulent Teacup Garden

    #18 Tea Cup Centerpiece for Weddings

    #19 Easy Teacup Planter

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