19 Beautiful Greenhouses For Your Backyard

19 Beautiful Greenhouses For Your Backyard

Why do you love greenhouses? For me, they are one of the prettiest and the most practical backyard ideas. They are beautiful decorative shelters, and more importantly, they help keep my garden growing year round. In there, I can grow any plants that I love such as flowers, herbs or organic vegetables .. and all of them grow well.

19 Beautiful Greenhouses For Your Backyard

If you are looking for an idea to create a greenhouses for yourself, this post today is for you. Here are 19 beautiful greenhouses for your backyard! With these ideas, they are not expensive but they are very beautiful and useful. And of course, you can really create your own DIY greenhouse with just a little dexterity of the elbows, a little leftover wood, and if you feel especially motivated with your favorite paint. Once they are completed, they will be great places to put on your favorite shoes and get to it. Let’s find out!!!

#1 Durable Hobby Greenhouse

With this little greenhouse that is clear exterior like this, you can spy on your plants all day long!

#2 Baby Greenhouse

Even a small nook on your patio or balcony can get a little greenhouse love with this space-friendly mini structure. It came together with leftover lumber and salvaged storm windows.

#3 Colorful DIY Greenhouse

Choosing a bright blue color is the perfect way to make a greenhouse stand out as a lot of greenery around in your backyard.

#4 Mini Picture Frame Terrarium

With this ideas, you can leave it indoors where it can double as beautiful decor

#5 DIY Window Greenhouse

This is perfect combination to make the pretty piece by using scraps and items that you probably already have at home.

#6 Hoop Greenhouse

This is an affordable backyard greenhouse by using a plastic or metal hoop structure to create a dome structure. Cover it in clear plastic to look easily.

#7 Flower Bed Greenhouse

Unlike the other repurposed window greenhouses we’ve seen, they use flower beds as bases.

#8 Mason Jar Greenhouse Trick

Looking to root plants, it’s important to retain moisture and control the temperature. And this mason jars provide a quick solution for getting a greenhouse-like effect.

#9 Recycled Greenhouse Tutorial

This greenhouse is created by recycled materials. It looks as mini house. So impressive!

#10 Winter-Proof Greenhouse

If you live in a snowy area, build a raised greenhouse like this to shelter your plants all year long. It is made out of old windows, and easy to decorate with glass paints.