19 Beautiful Greenhouses For Your Backyard

19 Beautiful Greenhouses For Your Backyard

#11 Mini Hoop Garden House

This mini version is also made by using PVC pipe and plastic covering. This one can be built above the raised flower beds where your seedlings are already planted.

#12 Geo-Dome Greenhouse

If you’re looking for a more temporary or seasonal greenhouse, maybe this lightweight structure is good option. It is made from wood, with a plastic covering over the openings.

#13 Repurposed CD Cases Greenhouse

This little greenhouse is made from 40 upcycled CD cases that are hinged together. It makes a great spot for getting an early start on planting seedlings.

#14 Outdoor Portable Greenhouse Kit

if you are lack of space, no problem here. Turn to a DIY kit that can fit your go-to plants without stealing away too much landscape. And you can moving it to anywhere

#15 Salvaged Window Cold Frames

Turning your trash into treasure. Great idea! Repurpose windows into a cold frame garden. Simply slide the panes on top during cold weather and uncover for warm days.

#16 Free Greenhouse Plans

You don’t have to spend too your money on creating your own greenhouse. In fact, this DIY version is very cheap, just about $745 from start to finish.

#17 Old Window Greenhouse

This greenhouse was made out of several discarded windows. A sound structure with crystal-clear glass.

#18 DIY Rustic Window Greenhouse

Here’s a greenhouse so beautiful. The owner made it out of antique windows, and the level of detail in every aspect of the final house is remarkable.

#19 DIY Umbrella Greenhouse

Looking for umbrella greenhouse covers at your home improvement store or make your own using an inexpensive old umbrella.