19 Beautiful Neon Houseplants To Place In Your Home

by Marry Dell

    Finding something to liven up your house more beautiful and impressive, you are on the right track to get inspiration. In the post today, we will give you some great recommendations that will add a lot of bright and colorful appeal indoors. That is Neon Houseplants! They offer a bright shade of color tone that looks spectacular with other plants. So, if you are a color-lover, these plants are the best choice to add striking color to your plant collection with their ultra-bright hue.
    19 Beautiful Neon Houseplants To Place In Your Home
    Taking them a look, they are so beautiful, right? Each has its own beauty, and of course, you will have different interesting feelings. Apart from owning the unique look, like other indoor plants, they also are easy to grow as well as take care of. They can adapt to all conditions, even they still thrive in your oblivion. Save and grow some and then enjoy what the beauty of these plants brings.

    #1 Limelight Coleus

    #2 Trailing Plum

    #3 Peacock Begonia

    #4 Neon Pothos

    #5 Neon Rose Coleus

    #6 Comet

    #7 Miss Muffet

    #8 Neon Breakers

    #9 Pink Arrowhead Vine

    #10 Kong Lime Sprite

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