19 Beautiful Rooftop Garden Ideas For Those Who Love Nature

by Marry Dell

    If you currently live in the country or the suburbs, you might have a backyard for growing flowers and vegetables. But if you live in the city, then chances are that your yard is a rooftop, right? Don’t worry, if you really love growing plants, even in densely populated urban areas, you also can grow greenery to have your own garden. And here are 19 beautiful rooftop garden ideas to create a great space for cultivating plants.
    19 Beautiful Rooftop Garden Ideas For Those Who Love Nature
    Owning a beautiful rooftop not only makes your house reborn, but also creates an ideal place where you can sit and enjoy a cup of tea, or cozy dinner with natural life. Moreover, with modern life as the recent year, space green is getting more and more shrunken and these ideas here are stunning gifts that will bring you back to live close to nature. So, with these impressive ideas, we hope that you will choose some ideas to create your own green space.

    #1 Rustic Pergola

    #2 Beautiful  Rooftop with Colorful Flowers

    #3 Wooden Bridge

    #4 Simple Space

    #5 Feed the Birds

    #6 Park-like Paths

    #7 Raised Beds

    #8 Rooftop Lawn

    #9 Treetop Space

    #10 Have a Picnic

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