19 Best Unique and Rare Succulents To Display Your Home

by Marry Dell

    You got a stunning succulent garden but you want to find something more unique and attractive in your collection. Look no further, you are in the right place, here we will introduce you to the 19 Best Rare Succulents that will add more personality and uniqueness to your home. They own a vibrant look with interesting and unique structures, so they surely add quirkiness to your garden or where ever they are planted. If you are interested in them, follow us and explore them below!
    19 Best Unique and Rare Succulents To Display Your Home
    Scrolling down, you will see that they are amazing and alluring plants from rich textures, varied colors, to showy blooms, all make a dramatic impact in any of your containers or garden designs. Not just that the leaves of these plants and have very unique and interesting structures, so does the color variant. Adding them to your collection means you have a chance to enjoy the rare beauty of nature give and you will proud to own them!

    #1 Pies from Heaven

    Pies from Heaven love bright and sunny locations. It has fragile, fleshy, slightly furry silver-green leaves patterned in brown marks on woody, thin upright stems with long hair.

    #2 Pebbled Tiger Jaws

    Pebbled Tiger Jaws grows yellow to orange, daisy-like flowers. It features compact, unusual clumps of boat-shaped fleshy serrated leaves in dark-green to gray-green tones.

    #3 Albuca Spiralis ‘Frizzle Sizzle’

    Albuca Spiralis ‘Frizzle Sizzle’ produces fragrant yellow flowers in spring. This spiral-grass like succulent features narrow leaves with twisted, coiled tips

    #4 Ariocarpus Bravoanus

    Ariocarpus Bravoanus has dark green and triangular tubercles. Its funnel-shaped flowers are so beautiful.

    #5 Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus

    Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus has magenta and pink blossoms. It flowers in summer. The stem is covered with bands of glossy pink spines, that are naturally curved inward.

    #6 Baseball Plant

    Its shape is almost spherical when young. Furthermore, the 8 to 10 ribs that make up its structure look as if they are stitched together.

    #7 Baby Toes

    Baby Toes has a resemblance to stubby baby toes and small rocks. The charming white blooms follow the sun just like the sunflower.

    #8 Plover Eggs

    The leaves of the succulent are narrow at the base and flat, wavy, and broad at the edges with dark purple spots over them. It produces pink flowers.

    #9 Living Pebbles

    Living Pebbles have dotted markings over the body with fissure at the center from which the flower emerges. The stems are somewhat round and globular and grow in clumps.

    #10 Living Rock Cactus

    Living Rock Cactus has stems that are round on the top and look like they’re forcefully squashed. Although the stems have a bizarre shape, it has stunning white flowers and covers the entire succulent.

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