19 Creative Container Pond Ideas

19 Creative Container Pond Ideas

When it comes to a pond, most of you might think of a large garden or a backyard firstly, right? If you own that property, you are lucky, and there are many different pond ideas for you. However, even when you’re short on space, your garden space is limited, or non-existent, you also have your own pond. And today, we are so glad to share the 19 Creative Container Pond Ideas that you will love.
19 Creative Container Pond Ideas
These container ponds are extraordinarily clever and versatile and will fit almost anywhere such as a small deck, rooftop garden, balcony. What’s more, they are made out of anything that you have at hand including an oversized planter, a galvanized tank, a plastic container, or even a large bowl, it all depends on the size of the pond you want. After reading the post, we hope that you will find one of the container pond ideas and some inspiration to start your own.

#1 Barrel Pond

Source: Farmfoodfamily

#2 Tall Porcelain Pond

Source: Containerwatergardens

#3 Mini Concrete Pond

Source: Homesthetics

#4 Galvanized Tub Pond

Source: Bhg

#5 Mini Galvanized Tub Pond

Source: Bhg

#6 Stock Tank Pond

Source: Theimpatientgardener

#7 Wooden Box Pond

Source: Fishkeepingforever

#8 Wooden Barrel Pond

Source: Digsdigs

#9 Bathtub Pond

Source: Dappenzeller

#10 Boat Pond

Source: Finegardening

#11 Orb Feature

Source: Fishkeepingforever

#12 A Galvanized Stock Tank Pond

Source: Planetalsad

#13 A Red Porcelain Planter As A Pond

Source: Digsdigs

#14 A Large Water Bowl Pond

Source: Diycraftsu

#15 Tall Ceramic Vessel Pond

Source: Gardenandhome

#16 A Porcelain Bowl Pond

Source: Reddit

#17 Vintage Porcelain Urn Pond

Source: Planetalsad

#18 A Stone Bowl Pond

Source: Unknow

#19 Plastic Tub Pond

Source: Digsdigs