19 Edible Balcony Garden Ideas For Fresh Food All Year Round

by Marry Dell

    Whether your balcony belongs to a private house or apartment, owning a balcony that is full of green vegetables is a great thing. So, if you live in an urban apartment and lack space to grow fresh and organic veggies, then you could get inspiration from the list of edible balcony garden ideas today. Spending your time learning about them.
    19 Edible Balcony Garden Ideas For Fresh Food All Year Round
    Actually, maximizing space for balconies is not difficult to work. The first thing, you should not think about is that your balcony is too small to grow? Don’t let that thought “kill” your desire. If you don’t have a backyard, your balcony can be the best place to grow your favorite vegetables as long as you just pick a spot where there is ample sun exposure, this will help you to grow small and useful plants like herbs with ease. Plus, they can become a perfect place with green space with fresh air for your leisure time.

    #1 Veggies in Containers

    Source: Pinterest

    #2 Make The Most Of Space

    Source: Reddit

    #3 Balcony Mini Vegetable Garden

    Source: Just January’s Jargon

    #4 Herbs on Balcony Railings and Cucumber with Tomatoes

    Source: Hubpages

    #5 Growing Veggies In Cement Pots

    Source: Bhg

    #6 Herb Balcony Garden

    Source: Friendsheep

    #7 Balcony Mini Herb Garden

    Source: Lovemydiyhome

    #8 Climbing Vegetables

    Source: 99bestdecor

    #9 Covered Vegetable Garden

    Source: Pinterest

    #10 Small Herb Garden Pots

    Source: Wunderweib

    #11 Urban Mini Vegetable Garden

    Source: Freshidees

    #12 Potatoes and Herbs In Clay Pots

    Source: Matrimonioabologna

    #13 Leafy Greens on Wooden Container

    Source: Flickr

    #14 Mini Tomatoes Balcony Garden

    Source: Crackednailsandsplitends

    #15 Vegetable Kitchen Garden in a Balcony

    Source: Studiomsdesign


    Source: Reddit

    #17 Plant Nasturtiums in a Hanging Basket

    Source: Sfgate

    #18 Vine Plant Garden

    Source: Apartmenttherapy

    #19 Herb Pots and Tall Tree

    Source: Theediblebalcony

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