19 Plants That Can Keep Spiders Away

19 Plants That Can Keep Spiders Away

#11 Dill

The strong and sweet fragrance of the plant is quite potent to keep spiders away.

#12 Onions

You can get rid of spiders by growing onions in pots or gardens. Growing onions will effectively keep red spiders and spider mites away.

#13 Catnip

Catnip belongs to the mint family and spiders hate the strong aroma of this herb and stay away from the place where it is grown.

#14 Lemon Thyme

You can repel spiders with the unique lemon scent of lemon thyme. It keeps bugs like spiders away and attracts bees that help to pollinate surrounding plants.

#15 Chives

Chives have natural insect-repelling properties that keep spiders away from your home.

#16 Osage Orange

Also known as a hedge apple tree, the skin of the fruit emits an oily compound, which has a citrusy smell that spiders hate and stay away from.

#17 Eucalyptus

The strong fragrance of eucalyptus leaves helps in repelling spiders and other bugs.

#18 Geraniums

Geraniums are praised for a pleasant aroma, easy-growing nature, and range of colors. The strong scent of the plant is disliked by spiders and they stay away from it.

#19 Petunias

Petunias are quite potent when it comes to repelling spiders. They’re also a great choice to keep leafhoppers and worms at bay too.

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