19 Stone Garden Edging Ideas

by Marry Dell

    To design a neat and tidy garden, looking for the right edging will create all the difference. It not only defines the boundaries that separate your garden and lawn but also makes the outdoor space more interesting if you find a good design. The ultimate purpose for garden edging is to define space, so as long as it separates two distinct areas, it can just about be anything you want to use. There are many choices including brick, and concrete, while more creative options range from stone or pebble.
    19 Stone Garden Edging Ideas
    If you love the beautiful nature of river rock, the collection idea today will inspire you. When it comes to edging choices, gardeners have an array of man-made products and natural resources from which to choose. Each type lends a different ambiance to the property’s curb appeal. Rock is a natural material and comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Whether you choose any ideas gives a professional finish and a clean division between garden zones.

    #1 Stone Edging For Flower Garden

    Source: Backyardboss

    #2 Stone Edging For The Corner Of The Garden

    Source: Unknow

    #3 Stone Garden Edging For Lawn

    Source: Nextluxury

    #4 Stone Edging For Raised Garden Bed

    Source: Decorhomeideas

    #5 Stone Garden Edging Combine With Drainage Solution

    Source: Blog.gardenloversclub

    #6 Stone Edging For Ornamental Grass Garden

    Source: Nextluxury

    #7 Adding Granite Edging

    Source: Swensongranite

    #8 Small Pebble Garden For Edging Idea

    Source: Margogardenproducts

    #9 River Rock Planter Border

    Source: Ellaclaireinspired

    #10 Stone Edging Idea Create A Dry River On The Lawn

    Source: Thecreativityexchange

    #11 Colorful Stone Garden Edging

    Source: Simplescapes-kc

    #12 Stone Garden Edging For Pathway

    Source: Personalgardencoach

    #13 Stone Edging To Create Emphasis Between Lawn And Flower Garden

    Source: Tomorroom

    #14 Natural And Rustic Stone Edging Idea For Wildflower Garden

    Source: Hometalk

    #15 Stone Edging For Outdoor Landscaping Space

    Source: Thegardenglove

    #16 Natural Stone Edging For Flower Garden

    Source: Homedepot

    #17 Stone Garden Edging To Divide Space Between Plants With Paver Yard

    Source: Diymorning

    #18 Stone Garden Edging Combine With Flowers

    Source: Diamondartificialgrass

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