19 Succulent Varieties That Can Change Color

Succulents are easy-to-grow plants with low maintenance, they grow slowly and need very little watering. Also, colorful succulents will become the best highlights of your garden offering various shapes, colors, and sizes. If you love succulents and want to explore their world, the 19 Succulent Varieties That Can Change Color will bewitch you with their unique change of shade. Check them out!
19 Succulent Varieties That Can Change Color
Each has its own interesting character, some change color according to sunlight exposure, other change under watering or temperature. Regardless of the type that you choose to grow, all succulents are perfectly adapted to live in all conditions indoors or outdoors. Loving them, it’s time to add a charming soft color spectrum to your plant collection and enjoy the natural beauty. Keep reading to explore more about them.

#1 Crosby’s Prolific

Source: Etsy

You can see its intense red in bright sunlight and the foliage changing color into exquisite orange-red.

#2 Red Pagoda

Source: Worldofsucculents

Red Pagoda has fleshy yellow-green leaves adorned in bright red tips and the color will get more intense in winter.

#3 Transiens

Source: Locallygrown

This succulent has a rosette of fleshy light green leaves. Its leaves will turn brown-red with translucent edges when placed in full sun.

#4 Raindrops

Source: Succulentsbox

The Raindrops showcase droplet-like globular bumps near the tips of light-green foliage with red edges. Their leaves will change color to red or pink in bright light and cold weather.

#5 Melaco

Source: Gardentags

Melaco will change its color to shiny brown-red when exposed to the sun.

#6 Kiwi Aeonium

Source: Unusualseeds

Kiwi Aeonium displays a rosette of spoon-shaped fleshy leaves with a creamy-yellow center that slowly changes into the bright pink-orange color with a thin rose-red band at the margins.

#7 Alpenglow

Source: Reddit

Alpenglow is a pretty plant for hanging baskets with its trailing stems. This succulent has a green hint, and the plant takes a brilliant hue of pink-red in bright sunlight and infrequent watering.

#8 Red Rubin

Source: Growjoy

Red Rubin has an evergreen rosette of fleshy emerald green foliage patterned with burgundy red tips. It will change its color with the season.

#9 Voodoo

Source: Mountaincrestgardens

Voodoo features evergreen foliage, which turns into a deep pink hue in the intense heat of summers with rose-pink flowers.

#10 Perle Von Nurnberg

Source: Cactus-art.biz

Perle Von Nurnberg is popular for solitary green rosette that changes its color to purple-pink under direct sunlight.

#11 Pencil Cactus

Source: Thedowneypatriot

Pencil Cactus has thin pencil-like foliage the plant looks quite a stunner with its green foliage. You’ll see the plant take a magnificent hue of red-orange if place in the bright sun.

#12 Giant Jelly Bean

Source: Succulentcity

Giant Jelly Bean shows off round, fat, glossy green foliage that turns into stunning cherry-red in full sun.

#13 Moonstones

Source: Epicsucculents

Moonstones display their cute chubby leaves. The plant has silvery blue-green leaves that turn to pink-purple in prolonged sun exposure.

#14 Hummel’s Sunset

Source: Peter Scott

Hummel’s Sunset has beautiful leaf color and it will change color from green to gold and red in winter.

#15 Black Prince

Source: Gardenia

Black Prince has a bright green color initially, which slowly turns into a shade of deep brown.

#16 Sunset Aloe

Source: Worldofsucculents

Sunset Aloe will change its color to light green in partial shade and fierce shiny red in full sun.

#17 Houseleek

Source: Caribbeangardenseed

Houseleek is an evergreen succulent variety with its tiny rosette offsets which look quite stunning with its tiny rosette offsets. It takes a shade of pink-red under sunlight for a long.

#18 Black Beauty

Source: Gardenista

Black Beauty displays a dark purple color in plenty of suns and almost looks black from a distance.

#19 Paddle Plant

Source: Succulentsbox

Paddle Plant has smooth to touch flat leaves that are initially green in color. Keeping it in sunlight for long, you will see the foliage to be in the shade of red-pink.

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