19 Tomato Varieties To Grow In The Garden

19 Tomato Varieties To Grow In The Garden

#11 Cherokee Purple

his tomato ranks consistently high on any flavor charts. Its rich, deep red color and full flavor ensure an exciting treat for your taste buds.

#12 Big Beef

Classic, old-time tomato flavor. Perfect for those wishing to return to the days of the traditional tomato while enjoying all the benefits of modern plant breeding. Plant in full sun, 36 inches apart. This plant is prized for its noted resistance to many common tomato enemies including, verticillium wilt, fusarium wilt, races 1 and 2, nematodes, alternaria stem canker, gray leaf spot, and tobacco mosaic virus.

#13 Big Boy

The big boy tomato is great for sandwiches, a single slice from a big boy tomato can take up an entire piece of bread. Plant in full sun, 36 inches apart.

#14 Celebrity

Classic tomato taste without sacrificing on flavor, this is a wonderful tomato for traditional needs such as sandwiches and slicing. It also makes excellent salsa. Plant in full sun, space plants 24-36 inches apart.

#15 Mr. Stripey

These yellow and red tomatoes often have intriguing strives or splotches of color that make this a great plant when you are tired of plain old red tomatoes. They are super sweet and juicy and can add an interesting element to many dishes. The vines are incredibly vigorous so it is essential to provide tall cages for maximum growth.

#16 Sungold

It has a high resistance to fusarium wilt and tobacco mosaic virus. Plant in full sun, at least 24 inches apart.

#17 Juliet

Unlike most cherry tomatoes, this variety stays on the vine for longer without cracking which means that you can enjoy it fresh longer without having to harvest right away. Plus, they are fairly heated tolerant and will produce well through the summer months.

#18 Green Zebra

They grow well in containers and are more manageable than many other sprawling tomato varieties. Plant in full sun. 12-24 inches apart.

#19 Chocolate Stripes

This two-toned tomato has a sweet, rich, earthy flavor that makes it an interesting addition to sandwiches and salads. Though it takes longer to mature, the chocolate stripes variety produces striking fruit long into the summer.

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