20 Adorable Teacup Gardens For DIY Project

by Sasha Ridley

    You can definitely make a cute container garden with your teacups. This mini garden is a unique home décor that will grasp the eyes of both family members and visitors. You can place them in any place that you want them to shine. If you are seeking something pretty to make your working corner less boring, just give these teacup gardens a spot on it. A lot of tiny plants grown together in a cute little pot. Who do not fall in love with it?


    Here are 20 adorable teacup garden for DIY project that we love to share today. As there’s so much fun to proceed this, why don’t you let your kids involve in, too. They would value what they make. Believe us! There is worth mentioning that these DIY projects are affordable, so you can give it a try whenever you want. Both old and functioning cups all work in here. Let’s get started!

    #1 Cute Mini Teacup Succulent Garden

    #2 Floral Teacup Garden

    #3 Indoor Tabletop Water Garden

    #4 Teacup Fairy Garden

    #5 Black Tea Cup Garden

    #6 Tea Cup Tea Lounge Garden

    #7 Modern Teacup Garden

    #8 Fall Teacup Garden

    #9 Teacup Jungle Garden

    #10 Rustic Teacup Garden

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