20 Amazing Garden Ideas For Stacked Pots

#11 DIY Flower Pot Solar Light Planter

This DIY solar light planter offers a novel way to enhance the amount of height and light received by your potted plants.

#12 Crooked Terracotta Pot Flower Tower

Prefer something other than single-pot flower planter? This crooked terracotta pot flower tower is the way to go. It would be the star of your garden when the flowers bloom.

#13 Stacked Pot Flower Tower

Another great idea to build a flower tower out of stacked pots.

#14 DIY Vertical Garden

Your plants thrive in these stacked pots. Why not build one for your home to save garden space?

#15 Polka-Dotted Tiered Planter

Obsessed with dolka dots? Whay not paint them onto terracotta pots? This surely give your pots a new look. Stack them together to make a larger container for your plants.

#16 Staked Pot Herb Tower

Another interesting idea for stacked tower of herb. If you prefer rustic garden style, just give this a go!

#17 Stacked Pot Lettuce Vertical Garden

Want to harvest more with your lettuce container while still saving space? This stacked pot lettuce vertical garden is an excellent choice for you.

#18 Stacked Clay Pot Man

Get interested into this DIY stacked pot project?

#19 Clay Pot Lighthouse

It’s easy to build a garden lighthouse out of clay pots. Paint your pots and stack them together in the shape of a lighthouse.

#20 Stacked Pot Strawberry Planter

Itching to fresh and delicious homegrown strawberries? Just grow them at home. This stacked pot strawberry planter will work with you.

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