20 Amazing Garden Ideas For Stacked Pots

by Sasha Ridley

    Looking for DIY projects to make your terracotta pots less boring? This post is right up your street. It shows 20 amazing garden ideas for stacked pots. They will be a stunning décor for your garden, adding more shade to it. If your garden does not have enough space for your favorite plants, these are also excellent choice. Many vegetables, herbs, flowers, and ornamental plants do well in these stack pots. Just give enough light and water.


    It’s quite easy to build these stacked pot gardens. Stack plain terra cotta pots to achieve a compact structure. Fill in soil and plant ornamental grasses and spilling plants in. As there is so much fun to do this, you can definitely let your kids involve in. They will experience what to prepare and how to grow a plant. And you, ready to give these a try? Let’s get started!

    #1 Tipsy Pot Flower Tower with Birdbath

    This stacked pot garden structure not only serves as a stunning garden decor (with beautiful blooms) but also attracts birds to your garden. Love it?

    #2 DIY 2-Tiered Pot Planter with House Number

    This’s one of the craziest things to do for your house number. You have tall flower planter to place at the patio. Don’t forget to fill it up with ornamental grasses and spilling plants!

    #3 Plant Stacked Crassulas in Stacked Pots

    These lovely and hardy Crassulas look pretty on these stack pots, right? They’re perfect choices for lazy or busy home owners. It’s also incredibly easy to arrange these stacked pots.

    #4 Stacked Pot Fairy Garden

    Why not build a fairy garden out of stacked pots? This DIY project will drive your kids crazy.

    #5 Stacked Pot Bird Bath

    Here is a good way to attract birds to your garden. This bird bath is friendly to your budget, right? It can be made from old or functioning terracotta pots.

    #6 Rustic Tipsy Pot Flower Tower

    Looking for unique flower art work for your garden? This rustic tipsy pot flower tower is right up your street.

    #7 Clay Pot People

    This DIY garden stacked pot project is great to do with your kids. Simple plain terracotta pots make an exciting material to make clay pot people. Roll up sleeves and give them a try!

    #8 Tower of Herbs

    Need more room for your garden herb? This stacked pot herb garden comes as a solution. Save you a lot of space while providing enough room for your herbs to grow.

    #9 Stacked Terra Cotta Fountain

    Love this terracotta fountain for your garden?

    #10 DIY Stacked Scarecrow Pots

    An awesome idea to get into Halloween’s spirit. If your kids get interested, feel free to let them involve in. You guys will have a lot of fun together.

    #11 DIY Flower Pot Solar Light Planter

    This DIY solar light planter offers a novel way to enhance the amount of height and light received by your potted plants.

    #12 Crooked Terracotta Pot Flower Tower

    Prefer something other than single-pot flower planter? This crooked terracotta pot flower tower is the way to go. It would be the star of your garden when the flowers bloom.

    #13 Stacked Pot Flower Tower

    Another great idea to build a flower tower out of stacked pots.

    #14 DIY Vertical Garden

    Your plants thrive in these stacked pots. Why not build one for your home to save garden space?

    #15 Polka-Dotted Tiered Planter

    Obsessed with dolka dots? Whay not paint them onto terracotta pots? This surely give your pots a new look. Stack them together to make a larger container for your plants.

    #16 Staked Pot Herb Tower

    Another interesting idea for stacked tower of herb. If you prefer rustic garden style, just give this a go!

    #17 Stacked Pot Lettuce Vertical Garden

    Want to harvest more with your lettuce container while still saving space? This stacked pot lettuce vertical garden is an excellent choice for you.

    #18 Stacked Clay Pot Man

    Get interested into this DIY stacked pot project?

    #19 Clay Pot Lighthouse

    It’s easy to build a garden lighthouse out of clay pots. Paint your pots and stack them together in the shape of a lighthouse.

    #20 Stacked Pot Strawberry Planter

    Itching to fresh and delicious homegrown strawberries? Just grow them at home. This stacked pot strawberry planter will work with you.

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