20 Awesome Ideas For Wheelbarrow Planters

by Marry Dell

    Have you ever thought that any old wheelbarrow also can become a spectacular new planter for your garden? Just need a little bit of effort and a short of time, you can create a unique design to decorate your house more impressive. Selecting whatever you love, maybe is flowers, ornamental plant or any vegetables, after that, let’s grow them into your wheelbarrow and place at any open space in the garden. Creation is unlimited, and planting will never bored with 20 Awesome Ideas For Wheelbarrow Planters here. Check them out!
    20 Awesome Ideas For Wheelbarrow Planters
    Just take them a look, they are so beautiful, right? If you are looking for ideas for your garden, try them once! I believe that they will more beautiful in reality. There is nothing more wonderful when you wake up every morning and see your garden full of color and freshness.

    #1 A Bright Yellow Wheelbarrow Planter

    Using a brand new and colorful wheelbarrow with a plastic bin. The idea allows for continued usability for the wheelbarrow, as well as portability for the flowers.

    #2 A Wheelbarrow Planter for Vertical Options

    This idea is using another brand new wheelbarrow with a subtle grey plastic vessel. The flowers are packed in tightly for a seamless look.

    #3 A Bright, Mini Wheelbarrow for Small Blooms

    Using brightly colored wheelbarrow with the yellow helps it stand out, holding subtle greenery.

    #4 Gnome Hiding Spot for a Fun Garden

    This is a modern aluminum wheelbarrow and is being placed elegantly on a tile path next to the lawn, filled with thick greenery and purple flowers, with a small gnome popping out.

    #5 Overflowing Wheelbarrow of Long, Hanging Plants

    This is an old wheelbarrow, but it is reused with the wonderful combination of colorful flowers.

    #6 A Rustic Wheelbarrow for a Large Lawn

    Here is also an old wheelbarrow and nothing outstanding. But that is the reason to make the outstanding of the pink and orange flowers.

    #7 A Shallow Wheelbarrow for Colorful Blooms

    It is great reuse of this extremely old wheelbarrow, (even sports a metal wheel with no tread)! Practically merging with the ground, it’s filled with bright flowers and lush greenery, spilling to the grass. So beautiful!

    #8 A Bright and Colorful Wheelbarrow Planter

    You see this new wheelbarrow, right?. In fact this is an old wheelbarrow! But it was repainted with yellow and red paint, and playing host to rows of multicolored pansies.

    #9 A Wooden Wheelbarrow Planter with Pansies

    Here’s another old fashioned wheelbarrow, but entirely built in wood! This design is perfect for those who love the wood, and also create a look more interesting in the garden. Grow purple and pink flowers pop in contrast above.

    #10 Overflowing Wheelbarrow Full of Annuals and Perennials

    This wheelbarrow is deep enough to hold soil for dozens of individual flowers, ripe with greenery and a rainbow of colors.

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