20 Beautiful Flowering Shrubs to Add Color in The Garden More Vivid

20 Beautiful Flowering Shrubs to Add Color in The Garden More Vivid

#11 Cinquefoil

These shrubs can also tolerate colder climates and conditions with poor soil.

#12 Mock Orange

These evergreen shrubs are long-living and low maintenance. They can tolerate drought, over-pruning, and even salt spray, while their tiny flowers bloom in the late spring. True to its name, the mock orange has a slight citrusy scent similar to orange blossoms.

#13 Slender Deutzia

The hardy deutzia is a late spring bloomer with small fragrant flowers that grow abundantly. The bell-shaped flowers are also short-lived, only appearing for a couple of weeks during spring.

#14 Periwinkle

Periwinkle provides exceptional erosion control and can grow even in dense shade. Periwinkle flowers are light blue and bloom late in the spring.

#15 Poinsettia

The poinsettia has bright, broad flower petals. These traditional holiday flowers don’t love the cold weather. They also do better in well-lit locations.

#16 Rose of China

The rose of China is a member of the hibiscus family, offering thick, beautiful flowers with large stamens.

#17 Crepe Myrtle

Crepe Myrtle tends to flower in late summer, and their light white or pink flowers feature wrinkled petals that resemble crepe paper. In the fall, the dark green leaves shift to burnt orange, red, and dark yellow hues.

#18 Holly-Leaved Barberry

The low-maintenance evergreen holly-leaved barberry is very attractive year-round. In the spring, the shrub bursts with small, bright yellow flowers that attract different types of pollinators.

#19 Gardenia

The tropical evergreen plant has shiny broad leaves and stunning cream-white flowers.

#20 Star Magnolia

Star Magnolia offers mildly fragrant flowers with long petals that bloom in March or April, one of the earliest of the spring blooming flowering shrubs.

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