20 Beautiful Flowers for a Cottage Garden

20 Beautiful Flowers for a Cottage Garden

A cottage garden has a gentle poetic beauty that will transport you to a bygone era with its old fashioned flowers and classic charm. That is the reason, this style is loved by many people, especially for those who like gardening, or taking care of ornamental flowers. However, cottage gardens may look so romantic, rustic, and effortless, they require deliberate planning to achieve year-round color and visual interest.
20 Beautiful Flowers for a Cottage Garden
So, if you love creating a cottage garden at right your house, this article today will help you chose right the flower types. These flowers here will help you create an enchanting cottage garden easily. Of course, all your effort will be repaid with a low-maintenance masterpiece you can enjoy year after year. In addition, your vegetable garden will thank you for all the added pollination it receives from the bees and butterflies that flock to your flowers. Giving them a look, and grow some for your cottage garden design idea!

#1 Hollyhocks

#2 Foxglove

#3 Hydrangea

#4 Peony

#5 Purple Coneflower

#6 Daisies

#7 Black Eyed Susan

#8 Baby’s Breath

#9 Yarrow

#10 Sunflowers

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