20 Beautiful Ground Cover Plants For Any Garden

#11 Creeping Juniper

You can find this evergreen in an array of shapes and sizes. It’s tough-as-nails once established, tolerating poor soil and drought conditions. It creates a dense mat that weeds can’t penetrate.

#12 Aronia

Aronia bears tiny white flowers amid glossy green foliage. When several are planted together, this pretty low-growing native shrub form a dense hedge that goes well in almost any type of soil and full sun.

#13 Dead Nettle

Dead nettle is also called Lamium. It’s a low-growing perennial with silver-splashed leaves and bursts of purple, pink, or white flowers that pop up in spring and early summer. It appreciates shade, but will tolerate some sun.

#14 Sweet Woodruff

Sweet Woodruff bears petite white star-shaped flowers that create a nice contrast to the deciduous green foliage. As this perennial spreads rapidly, you can mow it to regain control.

#15 Epimedium

Epimedium produces flowers that look like fairy wings in early spring. This ground cover plant can tolerate dry conditions once established.

#16 Lamb’s Ears

Lamb’s Ears are known for their fuzzy silver leaves resembling lamb’s ears. In mid-summer, however, they’re dotted with beautiful purple-pink flowers. This plant prefers full sun, but can tolerate part shade.

#17 Chamomile

If you love charming daisy-like flowers bloom throughout this bushy plant, plant chamomile as a garden ground cover. It prefers full sun, and requires regular trimmings to keep it from taking over the yard.

#18 Irish Moss

Irish Moss produces soft moss-like foliage that forms a dense mat underfoot. The beautiful tiny white flowers will appear on this moss in spring, making it more attractive. It loves full sun, it needs regular moisture, especially during hot months.

#19 Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum looks gorgeous tumbling over rock walls or along the edges of walkways. It quickly forms a thick mound, blooms all summer long, and produces a sweet honey scent, making it a haven to pollinators throughout the season. This plant flowers best in full sun.

#20 Siberian Cypress

Native to Siberia, this cold-hardy evergreen bears fern-like foliage that turns a pretty bronzy color in colder climates. You can grow this plant in large groupings on a hillside or along the house’s foundation to prevent erosion.

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