20 Beautiful Raised Bed Gardens For DIY Projects

by Sasha Ridley

    Gardeners have been familiar with raised bed gardens. These work when your garden does not have enough space for favorite vegetables and herbs. Even if you want to make your garden more modern and productive, these also help. Instead of growing plants directly in soil of the garden, you will plant them in large containers provided with soil already. This is an excellent gardening method that both beginning and experienced gardeners need for.

    20 Beautiful Raised Bed Gardens For DIY Projects

    And, here are 20 beautiful raised bed gardens for DIY projects we would like to share you guys. Looking through all, and you will get more ideas to build a vegetable of your own. Fun and quite easy to make, these raised bed gardens are perfect for DIY projects. If you do them right, you can harvest plenty with your gardens. This produce satisfies the need for food of your family, and is also a great gift for neighbors and friends. Nothing is better than eating homegrown foods.

    #1 Simple Raised Bed Garden with 4×4 Posts

    This simple raised bed garden surely works with begining gardeners. You can use cedar and redwood for this project.

    #2 Super Easy Fabric Raised Planter

    If you prefer new raised bed designs and ideas, these fabric planters are right up your street. This does not require any skill or budget.

    #3 Raised Bed Garden with Fencing and Benches

    Fencing or a door added to your raised beds, will keep it from deer and rabbits. Beautiful and fun to make, it’s enough for DIY.

    #4 Raised Bed Garden with Hoop House Attachments

    This raised bed garden features a greenhouse tunnel on top! Love the addition of PVC pipes held upright to the inside of the bed with steel tube straps.

    #5 Easy DIY Raised Bed Garden Box Design

    These garden boxes are made from 2×4 or 2×6 caps. They surely create a modern and effective garden.

    #6 Stacked Wood Raised Garden Planter Box

    These garden beds are gorgeous.  They are made from 4x6s or 6x6s, which is the same process.

    #7 Waist Height Garden Planter Idea

    Another easy idea for raised bed garden is waist height garden planter. It will helps those who who have physical discomfort such as back or knee pains.

    #8 DIY Elevated Wood Garden Boxes

    These elevated planter boxes are also easy enough for DIY projects.

    #9 Portable Raised Garden Planter

    If you love something more attractive with your raised bed garden, you can add wheels or shleves to them. They’re more friendly.

    #10 Elevated Pallet Wood Planter

    Pallets are not only great to make fence, it also a useful and inexpensive material to make garden beds.

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