20 Beautiful Raised Bed Gardens For DIY Projects

#11 Simple Wood Garden Boxes

To make these raised bed garden, you need 2×6 boards and 2×2 braces. The braces are optional supports that prevent the boards from warping or twisting.

#12 Tiered Raised Bed Planters For Patio And Porch

Who do not love these raised bed planters for your patio and porch? This not only enables you to harvest plenty but also make the space more beautiful.

#13 Use Inexpensive Or Free Materials To Build Your Raised Bed Gardens

A DIY garden project that does not require budget? Just make use of free materials. Logs, pallets, or bricks are all great to build garden beds.

#14 DIY Galvanized Metal Raised Bed

You can also use galvanized metal to build raised garden planters.

#15 Wood and Metal Raised Garden Bed

Another idea for metal raised bed garden is combine metal and wood. It looks more gorgeous.

#16 Galvanized Metal Garden Boxes With Trellis

Add a trellis to your garden boxes will make plants grow better. Tomatoes, green beans, and cucumbers all love this.

#17 Trough Raised Bed

A stylish garden that any would love.

#18 Used Tires Upcycled Into Raised Garden Planters

One of the best things I love doing with old tires are turn them into raised bed gardens.

#19 Concret Block Raised Bed

Concrete blocks are great building materials for DIY raised beds.

#20 Straw Bale Above Ground Garden Beds

I love doing natural things for my garden. So, I often add straw bale around garden beds. It works so well.

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