20 Beautiful Rare Succulent Varieties You Should Know

by Sasha Ridley

    It’s always great to grow a succulent or a succulent garden in your home. You know why? They’re a stunning home décor, even when you raise them outdoor in a creative DIY planter. These succulents do not require much maintenance. You just give them enough light and water for their growth. I love placing a succulent garden planter of different varieties in the living room. It makes the space greener and also easily to grasp the eyes of the visitors. So good, right?


    In this post, I’m glad to share 20 beautiful are succulent varieties that you should know. Giving them a look, and you have more fantastic succulent types to add to your pick. It’s ok when you grow one single succulent in a small pot only. They look pretty in your working desk or any corner of the home. If you want to make an art work of the succulents, you can plant some varieties in the same planter. Be sure that you choose the right companions. Let’s check them out!

    #1 Calico Hearts

    This catus is famous for its reed-purple blotches smattering on the fleshy leaves of calico hearts. The gray-green leaves have heavy red veins spreading across its edges.

    #2 Ruby Necklace

    This succulent makes a name for itself with bright purple trailing stems and bean-like shaped foliage. Red stalks tower above the plant bear yellow, daisy-like flowers.

    #3 Ariocarpus bravoanus

    The cream-colored wooly areoles on top of the beautiful rosettes make this catus stand out. It’s found in Mexico.

    #4 Baby Toes

    This succulent belongs to lithops family. It’s also called living stones because of the resemblance to stubby baby toes and small rocks.

    #5 Echeveria gibbiflora ‘Barbillion’

    The ability to change shape and color throughout the season is what make this succulent stand out. It forms 14-18 inches wide rosette of heavily carunculated leaves.

    #6 Pies from Heaven

    This succulent makes a name for itself with fragile, fleshy, slightly furry silver-green leaves patterned in brown marks on woody, thin upright stems with long hair. It does best in bright and sunny locations.

    #7 Living Pebbles

    They’re fabulous living stones. They would be striking in your garden or succulent planter when blooming.

    #8 Star Window Plant

    A beautiful succulent variety to add to your succulent garden. It’s sometimes confused to aloe vera as it has dark-green fleshy leaves.

    #9 Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus

    The stem covered with bands of glossy pink spines, and are naturally curved inward make this catus out stand. It blooms in these scorching days!

    #10 Plover Eggs

    This succulent is known for its leaves that are narrow at the base and flat, wavy, and broad at the edges with dark purple spots over them.

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