20 Best Beautiful Green Flowers Around The World

20 Best Beautiful Green Flowers Around The World

#11 Bells of Ireland

Also known as Moluccela Balmis and shell flower. It grows spikes of flowers; the beautiful green flowers bloom in the shape of bells.

#12 Angelica

This flowering plant is an edible, biennial herb, popularly known as wild celery. You can use its roots and stalks to prepare aromatic tea and green salads.

#13 Envy Zinnia

Zinnia is a drought-resistant flower that blossoms annually. Envy zinnia blooms in a lime tone and turns green with time.

#14 Hypericum Berries

Hypericum is also called St. John’s wort. The oval-shaped, berry-like flowers are used in a floral bouquet.

#15 Green Daylily

The beautiful and delicate flower grows in a trumpet-like shape with strings in the center. Daylily has a short span of life that lasts for only one day.

#16 Clematis Florida Alba Plena

Clematis flowers from June to October. They come in a shade of white but change to lime green with time.

#17 Viridiflora

Viridiflora is the oldest variety and grows without petals. Unlike other varieties of roses, they are scentless.

#18 Greenflower Indian Mallow

With delightful heart-shaped leaves and matching green-yellow sepals, especially with its petals that come in a bright shade of green.

#19 Green Dianthus

This delicate perennial is quite rare with a fuzzy, ball-like appearance. Dianthus has a spicy fragrance, and they belong to the carnation family.

#20 Anastasia Spider Green

Anastasia spider green flowers are a variety of spider mum that comes from the daisy family of plants. The flower petals are long and thin, which resemble spider legs. This soft flower is used in floral arrangements.

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