20 Best Beautiful Plants To Dress Up Your Living Space

by Marry Dell

    Wanting to find something special to renew your living space, but you don’t have any ideas. Luckily, when you are staying in the right place. In the article, we’ve listed the 20 Best Beautiful Plants to Dress Up Your Living Space. Plants not only bring natural beauty but also can help open green space to you can escape from hustle and bustle busy of life and feeling the great things around.
    20 Best Beautiful Plants To Dress Up Your Living Space
    Apart from bringing a pleasant beauty that you easily immerse yourself into the natural world, growing them indoors also gives you a lot of benefits such as improve air quality, boost productivity, reduce stress. Even better, according to Feng Sui or Vastu, they also have special meanings about attracting fortune, luck, and money. For the good things, these plants deserve to have space in your house, right?

    #1 Orchids

    #2 Succulents

    #3 Cacti

    #4 Herbs

    #5 Terrarium

    #6 Air Plants

    #7 Snake Plant

    #8 Venus Flytrap

    #9 Dracaena

    #10 ZZ Plant

    #11 Spider Plant

    #12 Rubber Tree

    #13 Bird’s Nest Fern

    #14 Peace Lily

    #15 Philodendron

    #16 Red Valentine Chinese Evergreen

    #17 Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

    #18 Bonsai

    #19 Adenium Obesum Red Desert Rose

    #20 Ponytail Palm

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