Today, One Million Ideas will bring you DIY ideas for wood closets which are both budgeting and tidy. If you don’t have the budget, these off-the-shelf design can really make a difference in your home. Your new clothes hanger design can be accomplished with a variety of solutions. If you need some organization inspiration, here are some to consider!

    Simple but very useful

    You can add some basket

    It’s easy to follow

    Place it near windows

    Effective one

    It’s easy to install


    You can hang many clothes with this design

    Tidy place

    Save up space

    Wanna more? Here are more good example for you!

    There are several projects and products that can help you create your own DIY closet design. These wood shelving plans are easy to build, easy to customize, and budget friendly! You can build your own wood closet shelving. It’s easier than you think and you only need a couple of tools, so if you have free time, try to install your custom closet.

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