20 Best Ferns To Grow in Containers

by Marry Dell
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Nowadays, there are a lot of people who love growing ferns for decorating in house because they bring green that full of life and luxurious beauty. They can also absorb harmful substances, purify the air and the environment. So if you are looking for something to decorate for your working environment or your house, they are the best choice. And in the post, we recommend 20 Best Ferns To Grow in Containers that you will love with their charm beauty.
21 Best Ferns To Grow In Containers
They easy to grow, not picky. They have strong vitality to grow quickly. They will grow well if planted in the rich soil of humus and produce beautiful leaves. Ferns prefer shade but grow well in well-lit areas if sufficient water is supplied. You can grow them in aquatic pots, or plant in beautiful pots on their desks, study tables, reception tables, bookshelves, TV shelves, dining tables, windows, stair platforms… For larger-sized pots, you can make shelves stand higher in the corner of the house that next to the window, they will be a beautiful variation.

#1 Lady Fern

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This is a finely textured ornamental foliage plant that you can grow in containers easily. Place it in a partially to fully shaded spot in cooler zones. Keep the soil moist, and choose a small to medium sized pot; you can also grow lady fern in hanging baskets.

#2 Shaggy Shield Fern

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This evergreen fern sports medium-sized clumps of mild green, lacy fronds borne on black stems. It is often used in conjunction with other shade-loving plants. Grow it in a partially shaded spot, in an average sized container, using moist, well-drained potting soil.

#3 Scaly Male Fern

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This versatile fern is noticeable at a distance, with its yellowish-green fronds and dark pinnae. It grows best in cool temperatures and adopts a compact.

#4 Sunset Fern

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This gorgeous evergreen fern forms a shuttlecock of delicate, arching fronds that appear coppery-red at first and dark green when mature. This lovely transition of colors is the reason behind its name. Perfect for containers, in a semi-shade spots with moist soil, this robust plant maintains a striking look all through summer and fall.

#5 Hay Scented Fern

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It has the typical fragrance of hay. Keep the plant in partial sun, water regularly to maintain the consistent moisture

#6 Dallas Fern

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This Dallas Fern is heat loving; more compact in nature than Boston Fern and flaunts short fronds with a frilly appearance. One of the most attractive features of the plant is that it is less likely to shed leaves than other closely related ferns. It prefers indirect light and uniform watering. However, it can manage to thrive in less light and moisture too.

#7 Kimberley Queen Fern

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This elegant fern flaunts upright, deep-green fronds that retain their form in wind and hail. While it does have a preference for shade, it does well if exposed to full sun for some time, as long as it gets regular water.

#8 Macho Fern

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You can grow this Macho Fern in containers and urns either outdoors on patios, porches, front doors or indoors. Place the pot in a spot that receives a few hours of morning sun, away from drying winds, keep the soil moist and fertilize a couple of times during the growing season.

#9 Tiger Fern

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This plant is a quick grower and works well either solo or as a companion houseplant in baskets and containers, keep it in a part sun in a cool climate and in the shade in hot regions. Display your Tiger fern in a cool spot like a porch or a balcony. Proper drainage is crucial too, or this plant will end up wilting.

#10 Autumn Fern

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This plant prefers warm and humid settings and performs well if given proper shade and moisture. Its short height (up to 2 feet), preference for deep shade makes it one of the best ferns to grow in containers on a shady spot.

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