20 Best Ideas To Make Your Own Bathroom Plant Shelves

by Sasha Ridley

    Your bathroom also needs a plant shelf. It not only adds a green hue to the bathroom but also creates a stunning focal point for it. Who doesn’t love seeing the green shades in their home? The green color can always calm you down, giving you relaxation when you need it. If you want to bring your bathroom a subtle spa-like boost, a pretty small plant shelf surely helps. Many houseplants can even help purify the air around you. Perfect!

    And here are 20 of the best ideas to make your own bathroom plant shelves. They surely spruce up your bathroom space. Wooden ladder plant garden, floating plant shelf, and bathroom window plant shelf are all gathered here. All you need to do is to pick out favorite ideas and add them to your pocket. Some of these shelves can even work with your bedroom and living room. Let’s check them out!

    1. Elegant White Bathroom with Wooden Floating Plant Shelf

    2. Bathroom Window Shelf Plants

    3. Over-the-toilet Ladder Shelf

    4. Spa-Like Boost for Bathroom with a Plant Shelf

    5. Peg Board in Bathroom

    6. Easy Metal Bathroom Shelf for Plants

    7. Stunning Boho Bathroom Wall Decor

    8. DIY White Bathroom Floating Shelf

    9. Another Beautiful Boho Plant Shelf for Bathroom

    10. Storage Bamboo Shelf with Towels and Plants

    11. Ceiling-Hanging Bathroom Plants

    12. Beautiful Boho Bathroom Plant Shelf

    13. Bathroom with DIY Plant Hanger Stand

    14. White Ladder Shelf Bathroom

    15. Fantastic Small Bathroom Plant Shelf for Apartment

    16. Floating Plant Shelf with Storage Space

    17. Simple, Rustic Plant Shelf

    18. Ceiling-Hanging Bathroom Plant Shelf

    19. Enchanting Plant Shelf

    20. Simple, Glass Bathroom Plant Shelf

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