20 Best Spade Tattoo Designs That Will Definitely Blow Your Eyes

by Navy

    Cards are one of the most popular games in the world. When playing cards you can’t predict whether you will win or lose, it’s all luck when the hand comes. Therefore, it is difficult to guess the meaning of the hidden card tattoo on the owner’s body. Here is the list of all the best spade tattoo designs that you need to see and try once!

    The meanings of spade tattoo


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    This is considered a card representing the man with the symbolic shape of the sword. In elemental terms, the spade card represents the air, the breath lines, and the mind. Among the four qualities of the Ace, the spade is considered the strongest card, carrying mysterious spiritual power, and representing luck and victory.

    You can see in everyday life, that the image of the spade often appears in the deck with stylized images very different from the rest of the Aces. Or the image of the spade is also used to make tattoos to bring good luck to the person who owns them.

    The designs of spade tattoo


    You can mix the spade with some letters or quotes to represent the message you want to deliver.

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    Add anything from the roses, quotes, etc. to make the spade tattoo even more amazing.

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    The spade tattoo also can stand alone.

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    A small spade tattoo with “King” letter.

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    Do you want to have an abstract spade tattoo like this?

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    Ace with the spade.

    Source: Major Ink


    Have a collection of Aces and some dices to start the game!

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    The spade tattoo is more attractive with the combination with time and nature.

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    A big spade symbol with the “Queen” letter.

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    The spade tattoo is often chosen to be on the back.

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    Another idea of abstract spade tattoo.

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    A strong personality is shown by the spade tattoo on the arm.

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    This spade tattoo is like an arrow, following with the wings

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    Time flies and the spade tattoo still remains forever.

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    Some people think the spade relates to Joker character.

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    The spade tattoo becomes more soft with the letters.

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    Mix it with other cards and roses.

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