20 Best Vastu Plants For Harmony And Wealth

Have you ever heard the word “Vastu” or “Vastu Shastra”? It’s a traditional Indian system of architecture. According to the ancient science of Vastu shastra, plants are considered sacred and auspicious for having a positive aura around the home and eliminate the negative vibes. They not only provide you with fresh air and a green feel but also bring in prosperity and happiness. I do believe that they are worth standing in your home.


This post is then written. It shares 20 best Vastu plants for harmony and wealth. If you are looking for house plants that purify the air and bring good things to your home, these are an excellent choice. Featuring green foliage, these indoor plants additionally add more shade to your home. Who do not live in a green living space? Many of them are low-maintenance, so perfect for lazy and busy homeowners. Let’s check them out!

#1 Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos spread positive vibes in the house, bring wealth, and repel negative energy in its surroundings. This houseplant also helps purify the air in your home, and its green leaves are are useful to cure stress and anxiety.

What Vastu Says: You should keep your Golden Pothos in south-east direction indoors. Avoid keeping it in the Northeast part of the house.

#2 Lucky Bamboo Plant

This indoor plant makes a beneficial gift. The number of stalks has different benefits as six is for luck and prosperity, whereas seven is for good health.

What Vastu Says: The best place to keep this plant is in the south-east or east corner inside the home. For maximum benefits, go for a plant with six stalks.

#3 Snake Plant

Snake plant brings positive energy to your home and can even purify the air by absorbing toxins like formaldehyde.

What Vastu Says: Place snake plant in the south or east part of the bedroom. It’ll help to reduce stress and promote a positive ambiance.

#4 Lavender

Lavender is a beautiful flowering herb and is valued for ornamental and medicinal purposes, its amazing fragrance relaxes the mind. It is also a mood-elevating plant, which gives a stress-free atmosphere and helps in a peaceful sleep.

What Vastu Says: It’s best to keep lavender in a bedroom if you’ve got a window that receives some sun, for healthy relationships. It also promotes love and romance.

#5 Jade

The round leaves of this small plant can bring luck and symbolizes growth, prosperity, wealth, and positive energy. It can also prove beneficial in flourishing friendship.

What Vastu Says: The best place to keep this plant is in the south-east direction of your entrance attracts most energy. Do not keep the plant in the bedroom or bathroom as it’ll bring negativity that way.

#6 Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is commonly used to make skincare, haircare, and digestion-related products. It also spreads the flow of prosperity, happiness in your house, and also emits oxygen.

What Vastu Says: Keep aloe vera in north or east direction for positivity and warding off negative energy.

#7 Peace Lily

This beautiful houseplant plant will bring elegance to your home with its beautiful white bracts. As the name suggests, it spreads peace, keeps away the negative energy, and attracts good vibes in your home.

What Vastu Says: This plant is best to keep near a bedroom window to bring calmness, peace, tranquillity, and good luck to the ambiance.

#8 Peony

Who can resist this alluring flowering plant? It signifies optimism and love. You can also grow them in your garden. They would be the star in here when blooming.

What Vastu Says: Keeping peony in the south-west corner of your home brings positivity and optimism. Gifting peonies to your romantic partner is also considered auspicious.

#9 Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a symbol of happiness, optimism, positive energy, and good luck. It offers a peaceful and easygoing life.

What Vastu Says: The best place to grow your plant is in the living room attracts happiness, good luck, and creativity. Avoid keeping the plant in the bedroom as it may result in negativity.

#10 Orchid

This mesmerizing flower spreads good luck when planted indoors. It also symbolizes positive energy, prosperity, and growth.

What Vastu Says: Keep orchid in the south-west direction of the room is best to bring perfection, abundance, and growth. It is also fortunate to gift orchids at marriages and baby shower.

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