20 Brilliant Ideas For DIY Vertical Succulent Garden

by Sasha Ridley

    Succulent is one of the best to grow indoors or out. These plants thrive in dry conditions. A little water and care will do the trick. They are also beautiful, especially grown together in a pot or containers. As they come in an array of shapes, colors, sizes, you can definitely plant different varieties in the same bed at a time. It will be a unique addition to your home. I have a pretty DIY succulent pot at my office and they are still doing well now.


    In this post, we’re glad to share 20 brilliant ideas for DIY vertical succulent garden. If you are finding beautiful yet easy-to-care plants for both indoor and outdoor spaces, these are right up your street. Provided with a creative and decorative garden, these succulents are enough to grasp your eyes. As these gardens are incredibly fun to make and friendly to your budget, you can definitely add them to DIY projects. Ready to give them a try? Let’s get started!

    #1 Heart-Shaped Succulent Planter

    Your lover loves this heart? I do fall in love with it from the moment I see it.

    #2 Wood Shutter Vertical Succulent Planter

    Upcycle solid wood shutters into vertical potting boxes and filled with soil to grow low maintenance succulents. It’s it charming?

    #3 DIY Succulent Frame

    This succulent fame would be striking on the outside wall!

    #4 Cactus Cut-Out Vertical Garden

    This cactus cut-out vertical succulent garden is excellent succulent art

    #5 DIY Succulent Tower

    This DIY succulent tower planter utilizes your vertical space nicely and increases the curb appeal.

    #6 Vertical Succulent Garden Tutorial

    Another gorgeous hanging vertical succulent garden you should try.

    #7 Letter M Vertical Succulent Garden

    This letter M vertical succulent garden is not boring at all. It’s a charming addition to your outdoor and indoor spaces.

    #8 Old Watch Made into a Succulent Planter

    An old watch is transformed into a succulent planter. It’s it pretty?

    #9 Vertical Succulent Pallet Garden

    This vertical succulent garden is incredibly beautiful, and totally friendly to your budget. Why not build it for your home?

    #10 Hexagon Dice Tray Succulent Garden

    Boring Hexagon dice trays makes beautiful succulent garden!

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