20 Brilliant Ideas To Decorate Your Pergola

Love to turn your pergola into an inviting outdoor space? This post is right up your street! It shares 20 brilliant ideas to decorate your pergola. They come in different styles, from vintage to modern. But they all have one thing in common: on a budget. You can even add them to DIY projects if you have enough skills and patience. Decorating our home on our own is worth trying, right? This extra out work will have special meaning and value to you.

Your pergola will become an ideal relaxing place after the project. Many homeowners even install some fence walls to create privacy for it. You can have good dinners and host small gatherings here. On the weekend morning, you can even sit on the pergola bench and work with your laptop. A perfect corner to relax and concentrate, right? I just love my pergola and hope that you will also add this awesome patio project into practice.

1. Inviting Pergola with Metal Roof and Hanging Plant Baskets

2. Bamboo Roof for Pergola

3. Cozy Farmhouse Patio

4. Stylish Backyard Pergola

5. Charming Boho Style Pergola

6. Cozy Small Deck Decorating Idea!

7. Vintage Patio with Enchanting Green Accents

8. Tropical Spirit Pergola

9. Cozy Pergola with DIY Swing

10. Turn Backyard Patio into Ideal Seating Area

11. Concrete Pergola with White Paint

12. Bestever Wood Terrace Idea!

13. Pergola with Blankets

14. Simple DIY Patio Pergola

15. Cozy Backyard Pergola

16. Small Pergola on Deck

17. Turn Pergola into Beautiful Outdoor Hanging Plant Area

18. Stylish White Pergola

19. Cozy Backyard Pergola

20. Turn Pergola into Small Outdoor Living Room