20 Brilliant Storage Hacks With Carts You Will Love For Your Home

The carts make excellent storage hacks. They are simple and clever ways in order not to let old carts go to waste. If you have old carts, just repurpose them in these ways. These storage “cabinets” save you a lot of space and work with all rooms in your house. For example, you can store spice jars in an upcycled cart in your kitchen. Is it interesting?

Here are 20 brilliant storage hacks with carts you will need for your homes. If you no longer want your old carts, just use them for these exciting DIY projects. They can proceed in no time. You may paint and decorate your cart a little to make them more eye-catching. They will be a focal point at any room in your house. Weekend is coming. Let’s roll up your sleeves and give these DIY cart storage projects a try!

1. Simple White Cart for Kitchen

2. Kid’s Craft Cart

3. DIY Metal Cart Refresh

4. Farmhouse Style Cart

5. R├ůSKOG Cart Around the Kitchen

6. Cute Red Metal Serving Cart

7. Budget Kitchen Cart

8. Rustic Metal Cart

9. Utility Cart

10. Relaxing Cup and Glass Cart for Parties and Wine Nights

11. Simple Rack Cart

12. Vintage Metal Cart

13. Another Brilliant Craft Cart Idea

14. Yellow Craft Storage Cart

15. Old Microwave Cart on Wheels

16. Bedroom Craft

17. Bathroom Cart

18. Coffee Bar Cart DIY

19. Chic Blue Cart for Wine Nights

20. Farmhouse Craft