20 Cool Bedroom Headboard Alternatives

by Marry Dell

    When it comes to bedroom decoration, a headboard is one of the necessary elements to make a focal point for this place. But, if you’ve bought a bed that doesn’t come with a headboard, you might need a suitable headboard alternative, check out 20 Cool Bedroom Headboard ideas to get inspired! They are unique and budget-friendly ideas. From repurposing old doors for a vintage style to painting a circle pattern directly on the wall, they’ve been collected here while also helping you save up for the real deal.
    20 Cool Bedroom Headboard Alternatives
    Whether you’re looking to do something different or just looking to add some life to your room, there is something for you! Many of these creations are so much easier to create than they look. There are a lot of different headboards that are available on the market, but you also can create your own works by using forgotten stuff from your shed. Flip through the collection of headboard ideas and choose the one that fits your bedroom. Check them!

    #1 Woven Product Headboard Decoration

    Source: Blesserhouse

    #2 Rustic Look with Main Green Color Design

    Source: Decoholic

    #3 The Rustic Beauty of Woven Products On White Wall

    Source: Jeitodecasa

    #4 Plant Pots and Mirror Headboard Ideas

    Source: Mamabearwooten

    #5 Crochet Idea For Headboard

    Source: Onekindesign

    #6 A Vintage Look

    Source: Farmfoodfamily

    #7 Old Door Headboard Idea

    Source: Emandchuckkrebs.blogspot

    #8 Knitting Headboard Idea

    Source: Thewonderforest

    #9 DIY Painted Circle Headboard

    Source: Popshopamerica

    #10 Paddle Headboard Idea

    Source: Makeit-loveit

    #11 Net Fishing Headboard Idea

    Source: Downeast

    #12 Old Wood And String Light Idea

    Source: Pinterest

    #13 Old Wood and Frames Headboard Idea

    Source: Pinterest

    #14 “Love” Sign From Old Pallet

    Source: 1001pallets

    #15 Pallet with String Light Headboard

    Source: Tumblr

    #16 Wooden Slice Headboard

    Source: Recyclart

    #17 Water Ski Headboard

    Source: Watercraftblog

    #18 Bohemian Rag Headboard

    Source: Etsy

    #19 Wooden Slab Headboard Idea

    Source: Pinterest

    #20 String Light Headboard

    Source: Cosmopolitan

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