20 Creative DIY Garden Lighting Ideas You Will Crave

by Sasha Ridley

    Imagine how gorgeous your garden is when the lights are on at night time. Take a seat on the garden bench or on the patio, and sip a good glass of tea or cocktail, you’re doing an excellent thing to end a day. You can totally get relaxed then and chat with your family. If you’re hosting an outdoor gathering dinner, your garden will be a great venue for it. The lights make your garden more twinkling and beautiful, then both kids and adults will love playing and sitting here.


    In this post, I’m glad to share 20 creative DIY garden lighting ideas that you will crave. If you’re seeking a budget project to make your garden more eye-catching at night, these are the way to go. There is so much fun with these, why don’t you to add them to family DIY project? String lights, mason jar lights, cupcake liner lights, … are all introduced here. Just give them a look and pick out one that looks best in your garden. Let’s get started!

    #1 Autumn Leave Lighting

    This is one of the craziest thing to do with fall leaves in your garden. These lights are so cute, right?

    #2 Tin Can Lanterns

    I just love these tin can lanterns. You can feel free to make holes of different shapes onto them and look how gorgeous they are when the light is up.

    #3 Glass Bottle Tiki Torches

    These tiki torches made from glass bottles are perfect backyard lighting and decoration for summertime.

    #4 Cupcake Liner Lights

    Cupcake lights are sweet. If you are itching to cupcakes, do not hesitate to let these lights brighten up your garden.

    #5 Trees Wrapped with Lights

    It’s an affordable way to get your trees lighten at night. String lights are preferred in this DIY project.

    #6 Sun Jars

    Who can resist these sun jars? They’re perfect soft lighting on your outdoor coffee table.

    #7 Mason Jar Lights

    Love making twinkling garden lights with mason jars? Roll up sleeves and give it a go right. Using some ground hooks to hang them around your garden. They will be striking here at night time.

    #8 Shuttlecock Lights Garland

    Why not make stunning garden lights with badminton shuttlecocks? They will drive your kids crazy!

    #9 Recycled Plastic Bottle Lights

    Recycle plastic bottles into cute party lights and help our planet at the same time!

    #10 Hanging Firefly Glass Lanterns

    It would be perfect to have dinner under these lights. They’re so charming.

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