20 Creative DIY Strawberry Planters

by Sasha Ridley

    It’s always great to grow strawberry in containers. It’s not simply a solution when your garden does not have enough room for this plant or to save space. A beautiful strawberry planter offers more than you think. It might be a natural décor that add more colors to your home. The green foliage and red fruits. If you want to turn your balcony into a garden, just give strawberry plants a slot. These homegrown fruits will drive all family members crazy when reaching their harvest season. Yum!


    We’ve rounded up 20 creative DIY strawberry planters. They’re an enjoyable process. Create a pretty planter for a beautiful plant. Is it worth, right? Some planters are even made with “throw-away” items. With a little bit patience and cleverness, why don’t you create an art work of your own? Your strawberry plant does well in here and bring you delicious and flavorful fruits. Just be sure to give them proper care!

    #1 Stacked Strawberry Planters

    Love this strawberry planter? It’s WAY easier to make than you think. Place largest container on the bottom, then a somewhat smaller one, and an even smaller one on top of that. Strawberries can be planted around the edges of the lower containers and to spill out of the container at the top.

    #2 Easy Water Strawberry Pots

    This is a great hack for watering your strawberry plants. You can buy pots with holes in the sides of them that are specifically designed to hold your plants.

    #3 Strawberry Hanging Basket

    A budget strawberry planter you can consider. When these plants produce fruits and these become ripe, they are a stunning home decor.

    #4 Strawberry Planting Barrel

    You can definitely make a strawberry planter from your old barrel. Make holes in the sides, plant strawberry into these, as well as into the top of the barrel. Easy, right?

    #5 Strawberry Garden with Willow Edges

    If you prefer rustic styles, this strawberry garden is perfect for you!

    #6 Strawberry Bucket Planter

    If you no longer need your bucket or want to buy a new larger one, you can grow strawberry in it. Such an enjoyable and budget DIY project!

    #7 Dedicated Strawberry Patch

    If you want to plant plenty of strawberries, strawberry patch is an excellent choice. It’s also a raised bed with cover.

    #8 Strawberry Vertical Gardens

    This strawberry garden planter surely adds more colors to your outdoor space. If you love beautiful vertical garden, just give this a go.

    #9 Perennial Strawberry Polyculture Bed

    This strawberry raised bed garden not only saves you a lot of space but also enables you to care for them easier. You can also grow your strawberry plants along with other vegetables and herbs. They would be the star of the show when the fruits are ripe.

    #10 Strawberry Bed Edging for Annual Kitchen Gardens

    It’s great to use strawberry plants to line the edges of any other garden bed or border, to skirt the sides of a driveway or path.

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