20 Creative Ladder Storage Ideas For The Bathroom

The wooden ladder makes an excellent choice for storage, indoors and outdoors. It’s a rustic and eye-catching planter for outdoor plants. You can find these ladder planters in the garden, backyard, and patio. If you bring your wooden ladder indoor, it will help with stuff storage and organization. It looks stunning in your bathroom while saving you a lot of space. Perfect!

This post is about 20 creative ladder storage ideas for the bathroom. If you prefer simple, rustic and pretty furniture objects for your bathroom, these are right up your street. They don’t require much room but offer surprising storage capacity. Towels, small houseplant pots, shampoos, candles – there are a lot of stuff to place here. You can even make these ladders on your own. The materials are shoppable and this DIY project doesn’t require much time to proceed. Let’s check them out!

1. DIY Leaning Ladder Shelf

2. Over-Toilet-Shelf Ladder

3. Bathroom Towel Storage with Ladder

4. Rustic Bathroom Ladder Wall

5. Chic and Stylish White Storage Ladder

6. DIY Decorate Farmhouse Ladder

7. DIY Hanging Basket Ladder for Bathroom

8. Simple, Rustic Wooden Ladder

9. Bathroom Flynn Ladder Shelf

10. Awesome Bathroom Storage Ladder

11. Simple, Rustic Ladder

12. Farmhouse Bathroom Organization with Ladder

13. Cool Leaning Bathroom Ladder

14. Metal Ladder for Plants and Towels

15. Modern Thin Towel Ladder

16. DIY Wooden Bathroom Ladder

17. Cute DIT Ladder Shelf

18. Over The Toilet Ladder

19. DIY Rustic Towel Rack Ladder

20. Another Great Over The Toilet Ladder Idea