20 Cute and Cool Braids For Short Hair

Some may think that only long and medium hair can be beautifully braided. If it’s true, those who crave short hair will make this stunning hairstyle. But it is not. You can definitely create chic braids for your short hair. I’ve seen a bride with elegant braided hair at her wedding day. She looks so pretty. This requires a bit more cleverness and patience. If you’re attending at a party, visit a hair salon and let the hair stylists help. Your hair will be given a new look after that. Believe us!


In this post, we’re glad to share 20 cute and cool braids for short hair. If you’re currently having short hair style or just get interested in here, these surely help. Some are easy enough for you and a bunch of friends to do together. Meanwhile, some should be done at a favorite hair salmon. Not only does your outfit help grasp the eyes of the crowd, but your hairstyle also afford this. Ready to give these a look? Let’s get started!

#1 Bob with Half Up Mohawk Braid

#2 French Pull Through Braid

#3 Side Braid

#4 Half Braid Bun

#5 Half Up Down Braid

#6 Waterfall Braid

#7 French Mohawk Braid

#8 Braided Bangs Hairstyle

#9 Cool Braid

#10 Half Up Half Down Braid

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