20 DIY Garden Containers That Will Drive You Crazy

Looking for creative pots and containers to grow your favorite plants in? This post is right up your street. It’s a collection of 20 DIY garden containers that will drive you crazy. These fantastic structures are made from old items that are already around your house. Placing it in the garden and it would be striking. It will grasp the eyes of every people who passes by your garden. It becomes a feature of your garden and you, the owner of the house.


There is no limit for your creativity. Why don’t you apply it for your garden work? This will save you a lot of money. Build a art work for your garden at no cost. There is nothing better than this. These gorgeous pots are ideal houses for flowers, succulents, herbs and vegetables. Even if your garden has enough room for these plants, you can also give these a try. Save space and add more beauty to your garden. Let’s check them out!

#1 Barbeque Grill Planter

You can definitely turn an old small grill into a gorgeous plant planter. Succulents and flowering plants will love living here. Such a creative idea!

#2 Plant in a Teapot

One of the amazing ideas for old teapots is to turn them into lively planters. They’re ideal houses for succulents and flowering plants.

#3 Lantern Planter

Why not have this portable planter for your home? You can easily bring it to anywhere you want.

#4 Planter from Watering Can

It’s fantastic to turn your old rustic watering can into planter by just filling it up with plants

#5 Old Boot Planter

Find something awesome to make with your old boots? Just transform them  into unique planters. There is so much fun here.

#6 Ladder Planter

An old ladder is a pretty display for garden flowers, and herbs.

#7 Bathtub Planter

Bathtub planter is also a creative garden container. Your bathtub is no longer boring when transformed into a flower planter. It would be striking in your garden!

#8 Bicycle Planter

A charming garden decor! An old or functioning bicycle can definitely turned into a rustic flower planter.

#9 Mailbox Planter

Mailbox also works with this DIY project. Just add more beauty to old mailbox.

#10 Birdcage Planter

This is one of the best things to make with birdcage that is no longer used. This flower planter will be the star of your garden.

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