20 DIY Houseplant Pots Ideas

20 DIY Houseplant Pots Ideas

#11 Faceted Gem Flower Pots

Paint clay flower pots with airbrush in different colors to create abstract art.

#12 Painted Pots + Succulents

Beautiful succulents need matching pots.

#13 DIY Gold Foil Lettering on Flower Pots

Cover the bottom part of the pots with gold foil and write your favorite slogans to give your plants a unique look.

#14 Colorblocked Air Plant Pot

Using wooden doll heads, drill, painter’s tape, craft paint, and paintbrush, make these beautiful planters for your home.

#15 Floppy Disk Planter

If yoy still have those floppy disks from the 90s, use them creatively to make a unique planter.

#16 Cement Planters

This DIY cement planter is best to grow small plants or herbs and is also quite easy to make.

#17 Handmade Whale Clay Pot

The best thing about clay is you can mold it into any shape, a whale in this DIY, for instance, and paint it in any color.

#18 Recycle Plastic Bottles to Decor Items

Involve your kids into making this interesting DIY planter, which they’re surely going to enjoy.

#19 Repurposed Planters for Succulents

You need a mixture of candlesticks, bowls, and glasses of various heights to make these beautiful planters for succulents.

#20 Trash Can Planter

Giving your old a new mission! It is a great idea to grow your houseplants.

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