20 Fancy Recycled Hanging Planter Projects To Make At The Weekend

20 Fancy Recycled Hanging Planter Projects To Make At The Weekend

If you want to give your garden a playful look, you will find something unique and creative in our article today. It is great when creating useful planters that are made out of unused or old items around the home such as old light bulbs, coconut shells, logs, pockets, plastic bottles, and more. Taking advantage of them means you will have chances to use them in new ways as well as save them to protect the environment.
20 Fancy Recycled Hanging Planter Projects To Make At The Weekend
And in the post today, we will share the list of 20 Fancy Recycled Hanging Planter Projects to Make at The Weekend. They are not only great for your garden but some hanging planters also are the perfect solution for adding lush, green, and beauty to every nook and cranny of your house. In addition, incorporating plants into your home can serve more than just a decorative purpose. For example, you can grow some plants that provide more oxygen, serve as a natural humidifier, and reduce levels of some pollutants in your living space. Of course, this depends on what types of plants you want to option. Or simpler, you can grow some herbs, or leafy green vegetables to add flavor and more fresh food to daily meals. Save them and try with us!

#1 Handmade Wooden Hanging Planter

Source: Etsy

#2 Hanging Light Bulb Planters

Source: Feeistmeinname

#3 Coconut Shell Hanging Planter

Source: Etsy

#4 Hanging Succulent Planter Log

Source: Etsy

#5 Giant Snail Shell Planter

Source: Flickr

#6 Hanging Pocket Planters

Source: Balconygardenweb

#7 Hanging Tin Can Planter

Source: Flickr

#8 A Hanging Plant Pouches Made Out Of From Old Sweaters

Source: Cynthiashaffer

#9 Bamboo Planter

Source: Valentina Diary

#10 Hanging PVC Pipe Planter

Source: Homebnc

#11 Hanging Plastic Bottle Planter

Source: Evolveabroad

#12 Egg Shell Succulent Planter

Source: Sayyes

#13 Hanging Marson Jar Planter

Source: Beesandroses

#14 Hanging Clay Pot Planters

Source: Beesandroses

#15 Hanging Ceramic Bowl Planter

Source: Pinterest

#16 Hanging Teacup Planter

Source: Gardenmatter

#17 Hanging Old Funnel Planter

Source: Twitter

#18 Hanging Woven Basket Grows Organic Vegetables

Source: Bhg

#19 Hanging Tire Planter

Source: Homehacks

#20 DIY Hanging Tomato Planter

Source: Flickr