20 Genius Ideas To Grow Sacks Of Potatoes While Saving Space

by Marry Dell

    As potatoes are a staple crop, why don’t you add them to your vegetable garden? Homegrown potatoes will offer a better taste even when they’re smaller or uglier than ones that you bought at stores. These bring some sort of achievement. Nothing is better than eating what you’ve planted and harvested. But what’ll happen when your garden does not have enough room for potato plants? Grow them in DIY containers. Yes, that it is.
    So our post today is about 20 genius ideas to grow sacks of potatoes while saving space. If you want to harvest pounds of potatoes while saving garden space, these are right up your street. Gallon buckets, coffee sacks, cardboard boxes, tire stacks, and some others are introduced here. They’re all creative and affordable DIY containers for your potato plants. Ready to give them a try? Here we go!

    #1 Potato Grow Bag

    You can definitely grow potatoes in grow bags to save space. You can use a sturdy type and reuse your grow bags for years to come.

    #2 Old Tote Bags

    You may also consider reusing old reusable grocery bags or tote bags that are available around your home.

    #3 Old Compost Sacks

    Old compost sacks can also be turned into potato containers. This helps reduce waste and save you a lot of money. To make them more attractive, you can turn them inside out so they just look like a series of typical black grow bags.

    #4 Coffee Sack Grow Bags

    Why not upcycle an old coffee sack into a brilliant potato grow bag? They are clearly much more attractive than ugly plastic sacks. Not just that most coffee sacks are biodegradable but will last at least one grow season. Afterwards, they will serve as mulch or weed control.

    #5 Wood Towers

    Recycled wood makes a great material to make potato towers. Here is how to do it: Make four corner posts to which planks of recycled wood can be nailed or screwed as your plants grow. That way, you can continue to add to your stack as the potatoes reach for the sky.

    #6 Laundry Basket Potato Planter

    Find an old laundry basket but do not want to throw it away? Upcycle it into a potato planter to save garden space. Just make sure you line it out to stop soil escaping through the holes and to exclude sunlight from the tubers.

    #7 Wire/ Mesh Potato Towers

    It’s easy and quick to build potato growing towers. All you need to do is create cylinders from wire/ mesh/ old chicken wire fencing etc..

    #8 Tire Stacks

    One of the best DIY garden projects with old tires is here. Upcycle them into potato planters, and this helps you save a lot of space. We recommend that you line the tires to avoid any potential contamination issues.

    #9 55 Gallon Barrel

    Another reclaimed item that has a huge range of uses around your homestead is 55 gallon barrels. Build potato planters out of them.

    #10 Grow Bags Made From Old Clothes or Other Reclaimed Fabric

    Grow bags made from old clothes or other reclaimed fabric make an interesting and unusual planter for your potato plants.

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