20 Gradient Nail Designs That Will Make Everyone Go Wow

by Navy

    Gradient nail is a type of nail with a color spread effect that always attracts the eye and creates a personal color style for you every time it appears. You can modify many different gradient nail styles in many different styles. As long as you know how to combine colors well, you will surely have beautiful nail designs.

    White gradient nail designs

    Beautiful white gradient nail design is one of the keywords with high search volume. Simply put, a white gradient is a nail style that combines white and any other color. The most popular white gradient nail style is when mixed with nude paint, pastel pink, lotus pink, peach … The combination of these colors brings a feeling of tenderness and femininity to women who prefer soft things.

    In addition to the beautiful colors above, the white – black or white – gray color pairs are also loved by many people. This combination of contrasting pigments is suitable for girls who pursue a unique and cool style.

    #1 They will highlight your sweetness and charm

    Source: Kerlin nails

    #2 The reflection of day and night

    Source: unknown


    Source: robu_nails


    Source: vasnailss


    Source: unknown

    Blue gradient nail designs

    Thanks to the feeling of peace and relaxation, blue nails are never absent from the list of the hottest paint colors, especially in the summer.

    In particular, the blue colors are very prioritized by the sister association. White and pastel pink colors are the best and most perfect choices when gradient with pastel blue. These are also quite easy tones, so whether you have white or dark skin tones, you can completely wear them.

    #6 Pieces of heaven that fascinate anyone

    Source: unknown

    #7 And for those who prefer the dark

    Source: osa_nails

    #8 They will be your favorites without a doubt

    Source: unknown


    Source: danlynails


    Source: unknown

    Pink gradient nail designs

    The nuances that pink colors reveal are extremely rich. Depending on the dark and light pink color you choose, it will bring a sweet, fresh, or gentle, lovely feeling.

    #11 In the style of your favorite treats

    Source: unknown

    #12 A classic touch that you must try

    Source: unknown


    Source: unknown


    Source: unknown


    Source: unknown

    Colorful gradient nail designs

    Summer is the season of the throne of vibrant hot colors. That’s why the beautiful gradient nail designs during this time accounted for most of the bright colors such as green, blue, yellow, orange, and pink … Neon colors also quickly returned thanks to fresh shades.

    #16 Perfect for next spring

    Source: zack_pn

    #17 Plasma stars in pastel tones

    Source: unknown


    Source: unknown


    Source: chorubim


    Source: Knail

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