20 Ideas For Stunning Garden Path

#11 Stepping Stones Through Grass Walk

A great combination of stones and grass. Your garden pathway will look modern and stunning.

#12 Broken Concrete Garden Path

Broken concrete is a great material for creating garden paths. It looks like natural stone and is totally friendly to your budget.

#13 Wood Garden Path

This wood plank path for garden needs more skill in carpentry and construction.

#14 Garden Walkway Patterns

This project is to create beautiful patterns and designs on your garden paths with bricks, pavers, concrete, or stone.

#15 Cobblestone Garden Path

If you prefer rustic garden style, this cobblestone garden walkway is right up your street.

#16 Creative Garden Pathway

This garden pathway is perfect for modern houses. It requires more skills in construction.

#17 Wood Log As Garden Walkway

Another perfect idea for garden path of rustic style. Logs do the work here.

#18 DIY Pebble Mosaic Garden Path Ideas

This is an unique garden path. It requires more skills and budget for this project.

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