20 Indoor Plants That Can Be Grown In Vase

by Marry Dell

    Growing indoor plants in the home, have you ever tried yet? If not yet, we sure that you will not know how beautiful they are. In the post today, we want to share 20 indoor plants that can be grown in vases that you will love with their attraction. If you are interested, don’t hesitate, let’s check them out with us.
    20 Indoor Plants That Can Be Grown In Vase
    Vases are a fun way to showcase the beauty of flowers or propagate plants from cuttings. Just immerse the nodes or the end of the stems in the water, add some pebbles for decoration, and you are done! They are so easy to make without too much trouble that everyone can create at home. With these plants, instead of decorating flowers you also make your home more impressive in your own ways. You can put them at any place in the home because they take up so little space. Save them and try some!

    #1 Arrowhead Plant

    Arrowhead usually thrives in a humid climate and can grow fast in a vase. It likes bright light but can not sustain direct sunlight.

    #2 Hosta

    Hostas come in a variety of sizes, texture, and colors. Just place the cutting in a vase and watch the plant thrive.

    #3 Pothos

    Pothos look really great in decorative vases with their heart-shaped green and white leaves. The plant requires minimal care and indirect light for growth.

    #4 Philodendron

    Philodendron has many species, including both climbers and non-climbers. Heart-leaf philodendron does quite well in vases.

    #5 Moses In The Cradle

    With its attractive green leaves and dark purple bottom, it will serve really well as a desktop plant in a vase.

    #6 Purple Heart Plant

    The deep purple leaves with delicate and tiny pink flowers of the Purpleheart plant makes it one of the most attractive plant to grow in a vase.

    #7 Spider Plant

    The spider plant is one of the most popular vase plants. Just cut off one of the plantlets and put it in the vase.

    #8 Wandering Jew

    Wandering jew is a fast-growing plant and its purple-colored and variegated varieties look smashing in vases.

    #9 Coleus

    The serrated foliage of the coleus plant makes it stand out from many other plants. It will do well in both glass jars and vases!

    #10 Begonia

    Begonia has thick leaves and alluring flowers and can be grown in a vase with ease through a single leaf.

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